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Sin Palabras is a multicultural Artist Collective gathered since 2013, dedicated to give theater and art workshops of introspection and self discovery to vulnerable communities (especially migrants and refugees) in different countries.


We seek results that are tangible evidence of the participants experiences and that they can be shared to create awareness before the ears that do not want to hear.

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Sin Palabras aspires to be a catalyst for the psychosocial development of those who take the workshop. Displacement, either voluntary or not, implies a series of internal processes that may block the full development of individuals.


Sin Palabras aims to provide the participants with tools that will complement the traditional aid to vulnerable communities and help them to improve their lives.


Plastic arts, particularly mask making, play a significant role to help them create a character, to create games and rituals for them to feel free to tell their own stories through art, with movements, and their own masks.

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