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This year we joined forces with different actors, and we were very proud to work with the Borrusia Academy, the Festival Futbol Cine, UNHCR and Programa Casa Refugiados. We integrated football in our activities because we believe that arts and sports are essential tools for making a change in society, for the reconstruction of the social fabric, human development, integration and adaptation. We believe that football is a social phenomenon of great acceptance and language or words are irrelevant, that it has crossed borders and has been assumed by different cultures.


What did we do?

From May 18 to 20 and from 20 to 25 we gave workshops to refugees and migrants in Mexico. We started with activities of meditation, theater, corporal expression, music, drawing, the creation of a character through the plastic arts and the creation of a mask, with the objective that the participants could express themselves. Likewise, we integrated football into our activities, we had some games and we included an integration activity where we watched a movie, which we consider a very important part of the process since with this they will be immersed in a creative process and a connection is created with a story and usually with identification with a character or with some of its characteristics.


We always want to create an interaction between groups and society, that the results have an impact to those that refuse to see this phenomenon. So, on June 20 (World Refugee Day), we launched an exhibition with the materials of the workshop (masks, drawings, photographs, videos), as well as football matches. 

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