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We focus our work to vulnerable communities around the world, but most of our projects have been with immigrants and refugees from and in different places. 


Immigrants and refugees are often seen as universal victims, as the anthropologist Liisa Malkki has stated, and this takes them out of their context, stripping them from their personal identity, the one that gives them value from the experiences and stories they have to tell.


These workshops seeks to put the spotlight on those stories and amplify them. But what happens when words simply can’t come out or, if they do, when they are just not enough to express what has been repressed?

We then need alternative and creative means of expression. This is what Sin Palabras offers. The mask is a conscious ideal forged of the image with which the individual presents himself over its reference group or in society in general. These combinations, introspection, theatrical and plastic, appear to be a perfect amalgam to work with such urgent needs of communication.

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