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Walking the void is an artistic project with a strong social dimension. It’s also an international, multicultural group composed by artists and theatre, performing arts and audiovisual professionals.

Inspired by our experiences, workshops and artistic laboratories with different communities in Mexico and Canada. This year we are crossing new borders and heading to Paris in France.

In September 2017, within the Center France Terre d’Asile, we did an exceptional workshop regarding the issue of identity, an essential subject for these isolated young refugees, who are sometimes in danger and eager to live a better life in a new country.

Furthermore, our mission in working with a vulnerable community, is to provide the tools to investigate their own essence and identify their potential to express themselves. A creative process that reinterprets their reality and turns it into something beautiful and positive, through thematic research exercises, such as the creation of a mask, plays and drama training, physical and vocal improvisation, manipulation of objects and puppets.

Walking the void represents moving forward, exploring, discovering the unknown.

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