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We give art workshops, combining theater, body language, music, drawing, plastic arts and meditation, with the aim of allowing the participants to express themselves, to be free and to be heard.


A process is created in which through all these activities, each of the participants can create a character that represents everything that they have in their minds and hearts. This can be through a mask or a puppet, in which they capture all their dreams, fears, goals and desires in life.

We want to create an interaction between groups and society, that the results have an impact on those who refuse to see the problems. Therefore, in the second phase an exhibition of the participants' works is carried out, showing photographs, masks and, when circumstances allow it, a theatrical spectacle.


We seek to give the word through the arts, to make society aware of communities silenced for different reasons and the trauma they live when they can't express themselves and remain silent.

The catharsis is not expected to be complete due to the short amount of time available. Nevertheless, we aspire it to be a starting point in achieving constant internal work, aiding to tackle uprootedness and the extremely difficult experiences that displacement implies. The project is supported by professionals in the concerned areas, such as dancing, dancing-therapy, meditation, and theater. These professionals will be directly or indirectly involved in the development of the workshop. A meaningful amount of knowledge in refugees and migrants is another asset of the project design.

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